All you need to know about the Z2 Auto CPAP Machine

The Z2 Auto Travel CPAP Machine is quickly becoming a favourite among those who need to use CPAP machine therapy. The trick? The Z2 Auto is 29% quieter than the Z1 Auto and features a new motor pitch for enhanced convenience and peace of mind. That’s a plus, right? Given its portability and low weight, it’s a great choice for time-pressed vacationers.

When compared to similar products, how does it perform? Get to the bottom of it!

Volume of Noise

The Z2 Auto is 29% quieter than the Z1 Auto, measuring in at 26 decibels. On the other hand, in comparison to the Z1 Auto cpap machine, the motor’s pitch is a deal breaker. The Z2 Auto is so quiet that it might be mistaken for the white noise you hear while you’re trying to drift off to sleep. 

This modification eliminates the need for a separate nightly regimen for therapy. The integrated Q-Tube Muffler further reduces noise to make for a more peaceful night’s sleep.

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Although more costly than the Z1, the Z2 Auto is still a good deal when compared to other vehicles in the same market segment. A Q-Tube CPAP Muffler is included to reduce noise, and a Heat Moisture Exchange Unit (waterless humidification) is provided to prevent nasal and pharyngeal dryness.


In the CPAP machine market, a two-year guarantee is the norm. It protects against faults and flaws on the part of the manufacturer but not against abuse. The Z1 Auto’s three-year guarantee is the longest in its class. As a result, we ranked the Z2 Auto on par with other portable computing devices that also come with a guarantee of two years.


The Z2 Auto weighs less than a pound since it is so lightweight. Its lightweight design of 10.4 ounces makes it an ideal travel companion. It has similar weight ranges with the Z1 Auto and similar travel accessories. The Z2 Auto’s modest weight makes it easy to pack it in a bag and take it with you when you travel.


If you’re looking for a CPAP machine that can be easily transported, your search can stop here. The Z2 Auto’s low weight and compact dimensions make it easy to transport in the palm of your hand.

You can take your therapy with you everywhere you go because to the machine’s compact design, which means you can pack it in virtually any bag. Bring your CPAP machine along on all your travels since life is an adventure.

Stress Reduction

The Z2 Auto monitors your breathing cycle in real time, adjusting the therapeutic pressure as needed. Due to the Z2 Auto’s ability to customise therapy to each individual’s need, there is no “one size fits all” approach to care. The automatic pressure regulation can also help you avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor.

The Z2 Auto not only automatically adjusts the pressure, but it also features a feature called Z-Breathe Pressure Relief that momentarily lowers the pressure during expiration to make breathing easier. 

What’s another perk? Z-Breathe technology aids in the establishment of a healthy breathing pattern and the consequent rise in personal ease. When comparing this machine to others, we found that they all had Pressure Relief technology and auto-adjusting pressure, therefore we gave them all the same rating.

Treatment Monitoring

Do you have a knack with numbers? Want to maintain tabs on your progress in therapy?

If you’re using a Windows PC, you can import your treatment data straight from your Z2 Auto. The Nitelog Mobile App allows you to examine your treatment data on the go. Z2 Auto’s treatment tracking features are on par with those of other travel machines.


A Heat Moisture Exchange Unit, like ResMed’s HumidX, is built inside the Z2 Auto. Humidity from exhaled air is recycled by the Z2 Auto to simulate a damp environment without the need of any additional water. 

Your nasal passages and throat will be kept moist in this way. Which brings us to the finest part: You won’t need to bring along a humidifier or a container of distilled water when you make use of this device. Simply by inhaling, you can get some humidification.

Comparable to the Z1 Auto, the Z2 Auto boasts an automatic starter and shutoff. The Z2 Auto begins working as soon as you put on the mask since it can detect when you begin to breathe differently. The Z2 Auto will detect a change in your breathing pattern indicative of waking and turn off accordingly. That’s great news for those who are always on the move.

When comparing intelligent features, the Z2 Auto is almost on par with the DreamStation Go and AirMini.

Replacement Batteries

We’ve got everything you need if you’re going off the grid or just want to be prepared for any eventuality. Z1 and Z2 Autos may use the Z1 and Z2 PowerShell Battery, which has been designed specifically for those two machines. 

It’s true that the Z2 Auto is compatible with every add-on that was made for the Z1 Auto. Like the DreamStation Go, which comes with a dedicated battery, this one does, too.

The Z1 and Z2 Mixed Cable Kit allows you to link the Z2 Auto to the Pilot-12 Lite. Another viable alternative is the Portable Outlet CPAP Battery, which may be used to power any device that has a power cord and an appropriate outlet.


When compared to other vehicles in its class, the Z2 Auto excels in almost every category and has become a household brand. The Z1 Auto and the Z2 Auto primarily vary in their pitch ranges and humidification settings. The Z2 Auto is difficult to top because it allows you to leave your humidification system at home while providing a quieter machine.

Comparison Between Transcend Micro and ResMed AirMini CPAP Machines

Due to the disruptions caused by a change in environment, persons with sleep apnea may have a more difficult time falling asleep while travelling than those without the problem. Second, you’ll need to locate a dependable, transportable CPAP machine for your trip. 

Some of the worries and questions for these individuals are – is there anything else I can do? Does a new mask become necessary? During my travels, how can I ensure that my CPAP therapy is as comfortable and easy as possible?

The AirMini Autoset Travel CPAP Machine by ResMed and the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP Machine by Somnetics are two of the most well-liked cpap machines for taking on the road.

Comparison Between Transcend Micro and ResMed AirMini CPAP Machines

Quick Look at the Transcend Micro Auto Travel CPAP

To date, the Transcend Micro by Somnetics has been certified as the smallest and lightest portable CPAP machine available. Ramping technology, auto start/stop, and exhalation pressure relief are just a few of the features included on the Micro, which are also found on the AirMini. The Micro also has a convenient battery option and a drying mode that eliminates condensation from the CPAP mask and hose after a night of treatment.

Description and Functions

The item weighs 7.68 ounces in weight and 27 decibels in noise. The features include AC adapter or portable battery power, 2-year warranty, CPAP and APAP therapy modes, and compatibility with all CPAP masks (available separately)

Features and Benefits

  • With Gentle Rise Technology, pressure may be set to start at a low range and gradually build to full therapeutic intensity while you drift off to sleep.
  • Just like the AirMini, the Transcend Micro Auto CPAP has AirRelief Technology, which lessens the amount of pressure applied to the patient’s chest during exhalation.
  • Drying Mode is a 30-minute cycle that provides a constant stream of air to dry up the mask and tubing, reducing the likelihood of mould and mildew growth.
  • Mobile Power Source – The portable and rechargeable Transcend P8 battery is sold independently.
  • Transcend’s waterless humidification eliminates the need for the bulky water tank often seen in humidifiers, instead relying on heat and moisture exchange filters (not included) to produce moisture.

Overcoming the Benefits and Drawbacks

Comparing the Micro to competing tiny CPAPs, it has a few advantages. The very first is that you may keep using your current cpap mask even if it isn’t compatible with the AirMini. Since it may take a few days to become used to the fit of a new mask, bringing it along on a trip won’t make it any simpler to maintain your sleep treatment regimen while on the road. 

Two, there’s the possibility of using a CPAP powered by batteries. If you’re camping or staying somewhere without easy access to electricity, this is a lifesaver. When compared to the AirMini, the Micro is noticeably more compact and lighter.

Because of their smaller size and lack of additional soundproofing, both the AirMini and the Micro will be noticeably noisier than their non-travel equivalents. Because of this, the Micro includes an exhaust muffler as an optional accessory. 

Using the muffler set might help you get some shut-eye if the white noise from the machine’s operation is keeping you awake. Unfortunately, the Micro doesn’t have a mask leak compensating function.

An Overview of the ResMed Airmini Autoset Travel CPAP

For good reason, the AirMini is one of the most sought-after compact CPAP machines available today. ResMed’s bigger machines now take up less room while offering the same features. 

Many people who suffer from sleep apnea swear by effective at-home machines, such as the ResMed AirSense 10, so it stands to reason that they would opt for the same brand when purchasing a portable machine. 

But before you buy an AirMini, it’s a good idea to figure out whether or not it’s the right choice for your upcoming trip and which characteristics are most essential to you.

Description and Functions

This machine has the following specifications: AC adaptor power supply Weight 10.56 ounces Noise level 30 decibels Mask compatibility Select ResMed masks Therapy modes CPAP APAP and AutoSet for Her Power supply AC adaptor

Features and Benefits

ResMed’s HumidX, a disc about the size of a quarter, may be inserted into the tubing to provide waterless humidification, greatly increasing the user’s level of comfort. This freedom of movement is coupled with the elimination of the requirement to transport a supply of purified water.

One common type of comfort adjustment lowers the pressure of the air you breathe in when you exhale.

Putting on the mask will immediately begin therapy, and removing it will immediately end it. Activating and deactivating your treatment won’t need any guesswork or fumbling in the dark.

The AirMini has a feature called mask leak compensation that automatically adjusts the air pressure if it detects a leak in your mask.

Pros and Cons of the AirMini

Migrating to the AirMini from another ResMed PAP machine will be simple. You’ll get the same effective sleep treatment as before thanks to the same secret algorithms used to regulate the air pressure based on your breathing patterns. If you already have a CPAP mask that is compatible with the machine, then making the changeover won’t cost you anything.

However, only some ResMed masks are compatible with the AirMini. This restriction is an issue if you don’t already have one of these. A new mask would need to be purchased and worn in before hitting the road.

AirMini has a positive feature in the form of leak compensation. Knowing that your machine can function normally even if your mask springs a leak in the middle of the night is reassuring. Although the Transcend doesn’t have this feature, the AirMini will automatically change the air pressure to compensate.

Another drawback of the AirMini as a portable CPAP is that it does not come with a battery. You’d have to spend more money on accessories like a replacement battery or DC converter only to use a USB port.


Plan for your CPAP machine to take with you on the road well in advance of your trip’s departure. There’s a strong allure to the idea that you can just go online and buy a machine that would meet all of your needs. 

A good night’s sleep may be had everywhere if you take the time to prepare for it by reading up on the area and trying out different masks if necessary. Make a prioritized list of the features you require, such as battery life, mask compatibility, portability, and noise level.

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